Old Door Wall Organizer

Wall Organizer- Old-Style

Old eight-panel door made into a wall organizer

Many of us struggle to find ways to make use of space in our homes and many of us don’t attempt to try. If you look around your home to find unused objects that can be re-purposed for an organizer, hundreds of dollars could be saved. If you don’t want to upgrade your home just to get more room then try to maximize what you currently have. This extremely easy creation begs for your attention! It only took me a day to re-purpose this old eight-panel door into a cool useful piece.

Why use older things to re-purpose?

Usually, the materials have cured and have little moisture, making it a perfectly strong and paint-ready. You still can rely on traditional building construction and designs that stand the test of time. Most have solid cores, making them extremely strong and do not have composite materials that look cheap. The interlocking of parts of panel doors not only imparts strength but also allows for movement: seasonal shrinking and swelling with changes in temperature and humidity. It also keeps valuable things out of the landfills.

I used the following tools and materials:

  • Old glass pane wooden door
  • Wood dowels
  • Plant hangers
  • Circular saw
  • Cordless Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Wood glue

I cut off the bottom panel of the door and reattached it to create the shelf. After I trimmed the sides to provide symmetry, I used the excess to hide the existing joinery. I re-positioned the existing hardware to make it easier to use for our backpacks, coats, and handbags. Please watch the video to understand the process.

*Adult ONLY project

*Be EXTREMELY careful with power tools!

How to Make Space with a Lego Table

How to Make Space with a Lego Table

Lego Table: Old Armoire Doors, Things from Amazon and BAM!

My kiddos needed a place to  store all of the components from their Lego sets so I bought various materials on Smile.Amazon.com, found a few unused items, hired my husband and created a Lego table from old armoire doors.

Please watch the video to understand the process of making this custom Lego station.


Many time kids just don’t understand where they need to put things when they clean up their spaces. This station helps them understand the need for organization and helps parents set expectations. It’s been a Godsend for our family! Finding additional space in our homes is a must. If you need help choosing materials or constructing the project just ask a family member or friend for advice. In many instances, this DIY method will be less expensive than a manufactured product.

Below are the items that I chose for this Lego table:

  • Armoire doors
  • 2 x Lego panels
  • Storage bins
  • Twine
  • Hinges
  • Adhesive caulk
  • Cordless Drill
  • Oscillating Saw
  • Wood and drywall Screws