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What is Pre-Parental Counseling? -Ready Nest Counseling

What is Pre-Parental Counseling?

Thinking about starting a family? Pre-parental counseling helps ease the transition for couples as they navigate the stages of pregnancy and postpartum.

Counseling is an effective tool that more and more Americans are seeking, from families to couples to individuals. Here in Middle Tennessee, Emily Pardy of Ready Nest Counseling provides a unique form of counseling that has long been missing in the therapy field- counseling for those seeking to become parents, (pre-parental counseling).


 Pardy discovered the absence of this kind of counseling through personal experience. “Several years ago, my husband and I were trying to decide if we were ready to start a family. We sought help from the therapist who had walked us through pre-marital counseling, and when we approached him with the idea for giving us “pre-parental counseling” he was perplexed! He didn’t have any curriculum or resources to offer us, but he was willing to sit down with us and discuss our expectations of parenthood and how we felt it would affect our relationship.”

An Investment in Your Relationship

Through hard work Pardy and her husband feathered their proverbial nest using the tools they picked up from their counseling. “When we finally got pregnant and had our first daughter, it immediately became evident to us what a gift that investment had been in our relationship.”

And with the recognition of the gift that counseling had given them, a light bulb went off for Pardy-others could benefit from this type of work. “As our friends started to become parents as well, we quickly learned we were far from alone in our challenges. I had always valued my experience with therapy as a client; but, when I started to share my story with other parents it truly became a passion of mine to help ease this transition for couples as they navigated the stages of pregnancy and postpartum. After I had my second daughter, I wrote my first book, For All Maternity about my own journey into motherhood. Then, I decided to go back to school and get my Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy to gain the education necessary to turn my passion into a profession..”


Focusing on Couples as a Whole

Pardy launched Ready Nest Counseling to work with families in, as she puts it, “in such a tender phase of life.” From conception to pregnancy to postpartum to infertility, Pardy seeks to help families in all stages of growth and while focusing on couples as a whole to ensure that both women and men get what they need from counseling.

“Trying for a baby, childbirth, and infertility are all major milestones that affect almost every aspect of a couple’s life together. While society tends to feminize this experience, Ready Nest Counseling focuses on the entire system that is affected. My goal is to offer couples preventative help as early as possible and provide them with the resources they need to integrate care throughout the entire phase. Ready Nest Counseling is at the forefront of integrating care with a couple’s emotional and relational wellness in mind.”

When You Get Help, You Also Give Help

Babies are more than just a focus in Pardy’s work in the office; she also implements a charitable component to her work to help newborns in need. “Ready Nest Counseling is dedicated to donating a portion of all session fees to the March of Dimes. The mission of the March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies. When you get help, you also give help!”

To get your own nest prepared, please visit Rest Nest Counseling’s website and be sure to check out Emily Pardy’s blog.

Why do I need a bookkeeper? I thought they were dead.

Why do I need a bookkeeper? I thought they were dead.

Due to accounting software and firms, gone are the days of bookkeeping. Or are they?

Meet Michael Levy, owner and senior bookkeeper at Bean Counter 4 Hire. His firm provides cloud accounting and business support to small businesses and self-employed individuals. Michael takes financial fears and, through compassion and counseling, whips businesses into shape.

But Michael didn’t always know that crunching numbers were his calling. Michael admits that “I sort of fell into accounting actually.” After working in restaurants and for an airline, a chance opportunity led him to be a data analyst and then an accounts payable clerk. Michael was bitten by the accounting bug and balanced the books for multiple corporations before launching his own business helping entrepreneurs just like him.

Faith also comes as a focus for Michael, and he uses both Christian principles and accounting guidelines to steer his business forward.

“Our primary objective is that no matter how much we grow internally we will always maintain the small business spirit and minister to each client. As a Christian business owner, it’s extremely important that we witness and minister to our clients. This means showing grace and compassion always, operating with the highest of ethical integrity, and sharing the love of Christ through the work and support we provide.”


Both the personal attention and the size of Bean Counter 4 Hire allows Michael and his team to provide personalized attention to each client while staying up to date on the latest innovations. “Thanks to social media, and the internet in general, it’s actually become a daily ritual for me to keep up with market trends; new business tactics and methods, as well as having a great interest in digital marketing which all contribute to my ability to keep up with the business world of today.”

Empowering Small Business

Michael uses technology to his advantage to bring his clients the best and the latest information to help their businesses. “Fortunately, there are limitless opportunities for new business and product offerings as we have created our company to operate and function using the most innovative technologies. As the technology world grows it helps businesses like ours offer more and more value to our clients. By embracing these technologies we are able to empower and provide our clients with the best possible tools and resources to help them run as efficiently and productively as possible.”

Merging both his entrepreneurial spirit with his accounting know-how, Michael provides a distinctive offering for small businesses looking for financial fixes.

“A unique thing we bring to the table is our ingenuity and innovative approach to supporting business as well as our small business and entrepreneurial spirit. We can relate to our clients, their struggles, and their passion for being their best.”


And, best of all, Michael loves what he does. “The thing I most enjoy about my job is connecting with bookkeepingall sorts of people that have all sorts of problems and providing innovative and creative solutions. Additionally, I enjoy running my own business as it’s extremely fulfilling to be the boss and have the ability to be creative and make decisions along with having the ability to work from home and spend more time with my family.”

Thanks to Michael Levy, bookkeeping is alive and well. Find out more about Bean Counter 4 Hire at BEANCOUNTER4HIRE.com.